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Stanford PhotoGraphics photo image prints

The perfect automotive decor for home, shop or office, these elegant, colorful images provide the enthusiast with an appreciation for the custom painter’s art. There's an example in a frame at right.

Michael Stanford, the photographer, has this to say about his work:

Providing a new way to look at custom paint is my creative contribution. My images are simply the camera’s framing of the selective compositions that my eye finds. Through my pictures I’m trying to bring to the viewer some of the visual excitement I experience when I look at an elegant pinstriping design, a perfect pearl fender or a wild set of flames. I really love the interplay of color and textures in these surfaces.

I’ve been shooting hot rods and customs in car shows for years, and I enjoy the challenges these venues present to me. I can’t control the lighting so I take advantage of existing conditions. I don’t manipulate the images, I shoot straight: what you see is what you get. Indoor shows are very difficult, so I prefer to use sunlight and shade outdoors to get my best results.

Reflections are always fun to deal with, the most interesting being people who stand nearby, getting in the shot. Other challenges include extraneous surrounding elements and trying to prevent capturing my own image somewhere in a shiny surface. Sometimes I’m fortunate to have a useful element reflected in a surface that adds to the composition. There’s always a new visual problem to solve.”

Visit the gallery pages for a selection of available images. This is only a small sampling, many more are on the way.

The price of a standard 17 x 22 print is $30.00 US plus $5.00 shipping and handling inside the US and $10.00 outside the US.


Images are custom printed to order. They are inkjet printed in high resolution, four-color (cmyk) on Epson Photo Quality Glossy Paper using an Epson Stylus 3000 four color printer with certified Epson inks.

Prints are on C size paper, 17 x 22 inches, with an image area of approximately 14 x 20 inches. The image is outlined with a two-point-thick border in a contrasting color, surrounded by a rich gloss black border that extends out to the maximum printable area (approx. 16 x 21 inches).

Each print is signed and dated and marked as an artist's proof (A/P). There are no editions of these prints (yet).

Prints are shipped rolled in a tube. Its suggested that the print be laid flat upon arrival to prevent permanent rolled edges.

For display
We recommend dry mounting the print to foam core and matting in black, gray or a contrasting color, then frame behind glass in an appropriate frame of your choice. A 2 inch wide mat will provide an 18 x 24 inch framed picture. A 3 inch mat will give you 20 x 26 inch framed picture.


To Order Images

Since all prints are custom printed to order, we probably won’t ever have an e-commerce solution for ordering prints. Custom sizes and image combinations are also available.

If you’re interested in ordering, send us an email with your choice of image and we can discuss the details.



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